why us

If it’s an affordable home mortgage you need, such as shared ownership then speak to us, you will soon realise that we are passionate about this marketplace and our knowledge goes way beyond the basics of mortgage product types.

34 Housing Associations trust us to provide mortgage advice to their customers, we provide shared ownership advice not only to customers like you, waiting to make the first step on the property ladder but also to housing providers on how best to make themselves available to most lenders.

We will provide a full mortgage advice service and recommendation service, this means that we will find a mortgage that is suitable just for you.

When you first request advice from us over the telephone, we’ll take lots of information to use to make our assessment and find your mortgage , from here we will work for you at each stage- liaising with the lenders, sellers, Housing Associations and solicitors.

If you want somebody to help and advise you and be your central point of contact for all aspects of your home purchase, this is what we do.

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    Budgeting for your new property or new mortgage is vitally important, the mortgage lender assume responsibility for mortgage affordability but clearly you need to be 100% sure that you can afford your mortgage and rent if you are purchase shared owne.

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    Resales are properties that have already been bought through shared ownership in the past, and where the owners are now looking to sell their share and move on.

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