What we do

Since 1996 we have been arranging mortgages for people from all walks of life, our core area of expertise is affordable home type mortgages, shared ownership making up the majority.

Anything to do with shared ownership and we are at home, we work as partners with some of  the biggest Housing Associations in the Country. When you go to a new build site viewing potential homes we could be there, waiting to help you with shared ownership mortgage options and to guide you through the whole process.

When a Housing Association requires an affordability test to be carried out, it might just be us that do it for you. Using this time to help and guide you through the whole process.

When you need mortgage advice, we’ll do our best to make things clear, down to earth and always act in your best interests.

We work with 34 Housing Associations, 3 of which are Help to Buy agents and 2  the UK’s largest Housing Associations. For you our customer and all our Housing Partners we aim to provide the highest service standards in the sector, helping achieve the goal of clinical efficiency.



    Budgeting for your new property or new mortgage is vitally important, the mortgage lender assume responsibility for mortgage affordability but clearly you need to be 100% sure that you can afford your mortgage and rent if you are purchase shared owne.

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    Resales are properties that have already been bought through shared ownership in the past, and where the owners are now looking to sell their share and move on.

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